Hey guys, my names Tommy
19, Huge Metal fan and drummer of the band Hunter/Killer.
I blog everything that i find awesome so yeah!


Petition for a national metal/rock station in the UK run by the BBC, everyone should sign and reblog this. Not only will accessing music become easier but it will also grow the fan base and help those struggling bands get some extra cash from radio play and exposure

So if all my followers could do me a massive favour and vote for these guys right now i will love you forever! 


It annoys me that fellow metal fans will go onto other bands videos that are quite clearly another sub genre of metal and moan the fuck out of it for not being metal! i mean cmon guys as long as its music actually made by real instruments who gives a shit! 

I personally am not into certain sub genres but i wont go out of my way just to say a song is pathetic, a pile of shit and not metal! if i don’t like a song il just turn it off and not listen to it, not attack somones musical ability and their fans!